About Us

We are all looking for ways to make life a little easier. This could rangeĀ from installing a ceiling fan to finding the perfect coffee pot to making the world’s best baked beans.

We at Northwest Charm are here to help. Our hope is to make your home life easier to manage and just a little more fun!

About Us

Phillip is a prolific writer from New Orleans. Amy is a new homeowner in the Florida Panhandle doing some minor and major home renovations. Her DIY adventures will be posted on this site.

About the website

Since we recently purchased this site, you will see several articles with amazing titles but NO content. We cannot explain why this is except to promise you those articles WILL have content ASAP. Stay with us and if you would like to be a guest blogger and write on one of those articles for us we will give you ALLĀ the credit. Just reach out here on our About Us page, tell us which article you would like to write and if it is available, it is all yours!

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Phillip and Amy