The City Of Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada and the most beautiful. With a well diversified population of approximately 2 millions: Natives Indians, English, migrants from India, the Philippines, migrants from Eastern Europe and many more. A very rich cultured city alike the land.

Vancouver’s climate is identical to the city of Seattle, Washington: mild winters and mostly rainy but gorgeous summer sunsets and this can be verified with one of the harbour Dinner Cruises. They will take you along the city’s shore for a spectacular sight-seeing view.

B.C. accommodate well over a quarter of a million visitors in 2014. With 5 star restaurants and hotels Vancouver is among the top vacation destination. Below is a picture of Science World and the Capilano Suspension Bridge, this city is a buzz year-round. If you are more interested in wild life, you are just about one hour away from it. This city has it all!

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