All Inclusive Vacations

 When it comes time to plan your vacation, there are several factors that you need to consider. First, you need to consider what you would like to do during your vacation. You may want to relax on a sandy beach, play golf, or simply relax and catch up on your reading. The second thing to consider is who will be vacationing with you. It may be just you and your spouse, your whole family, or a group of friends. The third thing to consider is your budget. Each of these factors can help you to decide where you want to go for your vacation.

One very versatile vacation idea is an all included vacation. These types of vacations are typically at resorts or on cruises. The idea of an all inclusive vacation is exactly what it says, everything is included in the price that you paid for the vacation. Before you decide to book your all included vacation, you should understand the pros and cons associated with these types of trips.

All Inclusive Vacation Pros

Budget Planning: One great thing about a vacation that includes everything is that you know how much your vacation will cost the moment that you book it. There are no charges to include, such as meals and drinks.

Freedom to Sight See: When you are on an all included vacation, you have the freedom to leave the resort, or leave the ship when it docks, so that you can enjoy other activities.

Drink What You Want: Most all inclusive vacations offer all of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that you want, at no extra cost. Some resorts also include alcohol in your room. This can be a huge money saver.

Cheaper than Buying Your Own Drinks: Some people avoid all included vacations due to the price of the room. They look at the difference in price between non-inclusive rooms and all inclusive rooms, and choose non-inclusive due to the difference in cost. If you are a drinker, however, this can be a mistake. You will usually spend more money on alcohol at a non-inclusive room than you would on an all inclusive room.

Convenience: Most all inclusive vacations offer activities for everyone. In many cases, you do not need to leave the resort to do the activities that planned for your vacation. Most resorts have golf, beaches, restaurants, nightclubs, and water activities during the day. By having everything you need at the resort, there is no need to rent a car and venture out to have fun.

Safety: Safety is a major concern for many vacationers. When travelling out of the country, the area can be questionable. Feeling unsafe during your vacation can ruin your time completely. When you book an all inclusive vacation, you can enjoy the safety of the resort because everything that you need is right there.

Pack Less: When you go on an all included vacation, you can pack less. Because your resort will have everything that you need, there is no need to pack beach chairs, umbrellas, and other items that you would need if you were staying at a budget hotel.

Spend Less on Souvenirs: Because you are spending most of your time at the resort, you will not spend much time in local shops where you can end up spending a great deal of money.

Eat What You Want: Most all inclusive resorts offer all you can eat food. Many resorts have more than one restaurant where you can eat all you want.

Flexible Schedule: Because food and drink are included at all inclusive resorts, you do not have to cut into your fun to make it to the early bird special or happy hour to save a few dollars.

Activities are Included: At a non inclusive resort, activities are included in your package price. This allows you to use kayaks, bicycles, surf boards, and other items which discount hotels would charge for.

Transportation: More and more resorts are offering shuttle services from the airport to the resort. This can save on the cost and hassle of finding a taxi.

All Inclusive Vacations Cons

Limited Food Selection: Unless you leave the resort, the food provided may be limited. If you were hoping to experience various types of cuisines during your vacation, chances are you won’t be able to.

Feeling Stuck at the Resort: Some vacationers feel that since they payed for the all inclusive package, they should stay at the resort so that they can get their money’s worth.

Certain Features are Not Included: At most of the all inclusive resorts, not everything is included. If you were hoping to rent a jet ski, spend a day at the spa, or take a jeep tour, you may need to pay for these activities out of your own pocket.

Missing Out on the Full Experience: If you are taking a trip and you spend the entire time at the resort, you can end up missing out on the culture outside of the resort.

Limited Eating and Drinking Hours: Some all inclusive vacations restrict the times that you can eat and drink.

Limited Alcohol Selection: The all inclusive resorts who include alcohol will usually offer low end alcohol. If you want top shelf, you must pay out of your own pocket.

It Can Be More Expensive: All inclusive resorts figure out the cost based on the cost of the room, and the average cost of food and drink of its guests. If you are not much of a drinker, and eat simply because you are hungry, and not for enjoyment, you can end up paying more than you would at a budget hotel.

When is Booking an All Inclusive Vacation Beneficial?

Booking an all included vacation is beneficial when you plan to eat a lot, drink a lot, and have no desire to leave the resort. It is also good if you have a very strict budget. Most people would rather pay for everything up front, than tally up everything that they spend money on if they take a non-inclusive vacation.

Where to Book an All Inclusive Vacation

When it comes to booking an all included vacation, you can start with a travel agent. If you would rather book the vacation yourself, you can visit websites such as One Travel and many others. These sites allow you to view various resorts, the amenities, activities, and what is included, and what is not. These sites also allow you to compare various resorts, so that you can find the one that will fit all of your needs.

If you’re trying to find a good deal on your all inclusive vacation, you can check Trivago. This site helps to compare resorts to find the one with the lowest price. If you are looking to take a vacation at a luxury destination, visit Splendia where you can find the most luxurious resorts, information, and pricing.

All inclusive vacations work for some, but are not for everyone. Understanding the pros and cons of these vacations can help you to make the decision that is right for you.

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